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Delia School of Canada Laptop Ownership Program 2014-15

DSC Laptop Ownership Program (Lenovo Laptops)

ThinkPAD X240 Touch (Details) 

ThinkPAD T440s Touch

DSC Laptop Ownership Program (Apple Laptops)

The School's Laptop Ownership Program will be expanded to include Apple products. Helix Systems and Delia School of Canada are working on the final details of the program offerings and will have them online by January 5, 2015. We will be including MAC Pro and MAC Air laptops. 


Software Requirements - Grades 6 to 12

All students attending DSC in grades 6 to 12 are required to have a standardized software package. All students must have MS Office 2010 (or a newer version), an anti-virus program  and Adobe software. Additional software may be required for certain courses.

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