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Elementary Section Learning Platform

In our commitment to ensure our students are well prepared for life in the “connected world” we live in, Delia School of Canada provides opportunities for students in all grades to take advantage of e-learning opportunities. Online platforms have been implemented as a means of extending beyond the physical walls of the classroom, the support and communication needed to enhance student learning.

e-Learning Class Links
PG1B Class Wiki Sites  PG1A Class Wiki Sites


  • Mrs. Maggie Lem's PG1B-A Class
  • Ms Janine Corbin's PG1B-B Class




  • Ms Kendra Reeds' PG1A-A Class
  • Ms Kristin Eagan's PG1A-B Class
  • Ms Stephanie Morrison's PG1A-C Class
  • Ms Emily Honsberger's PG1A-D Class
  • Ms Jamie Bignell's PG1A-E Class


Grade 1 Class Wiki Sites Grade 2 Class Wiki Sites


  • Ms Mira Zmiyiwsky's 1A Class
  • Ms Dionne Chung's 1B Class
  • Ms Kristin Opre's 1C Class
  • Ms Olivia Kotyck's 1D Class
  • Ms Katherine Dillon's 1E Class



Grade 3 Class Wiki Sites Grade 4 Class Wiki Sites


  • Mr. Adam Smith's 3A Class
  • Mrs. Jane Smith's 3B Class
  • Mr. James Waller's 3C Class
  • Ms Shannon Bright's 3D Class
  • Ms Ashley Maves' 3E Class



  • Ms Tanya Elliott's 4A Class
  • Ms Allison Murchison's 4B Class
  • Mr. Paul  Miles' 4C Class
  • Ms Ashley Hamilton's 4D Class


Grade 5 Class Wiki Sites Grade 6Class Wiki Sites

Grades 1 to 4 ESL

Grade 5 and 6 ESL