Middle News and Updates

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November is a busy month in the Secondary Section.  Students in Middle School will receive their Progress Reports on November 4 from their homeroom teachers.  Mid-semester report Cards for High School students will be mailed out on November 7.

Middle School Progress Report Conferences take place November 7-11 from 3:10pm - 5:00pm, information on booking meetings with teachers has been relayed through email.  High School Report Card Conferences will be held the evening of November 17 from 5:30pm - 8:00pm.

Students in grade 9 will participate in Take Your Kids to Work Day on November 2.  Students will spend the day in a preplanned work placement.  Take Your Kids to Work Day allows is an opportunity for students to experience a unique learning opportunity and gain valuable knowledge about workplaces as they plan for the future.  Students not participating in Take Your Kid to Work Day will be expected to be at school.

November 25 is Community Chest Dress Casual Day; all donations will go to the Hong Kong Charity Community Chest.  Students are reminded that there is a minimum donation of $20 to participate.  Please see morning announcements and the Student Parent Handbook for Casual Dress Day rules.


Mr. P. Farrell
BA; B. Comm; B. Ed; M.Ed (ICT)
Vice Principal
Middle School Section