Head Office Staff

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The Head Office for Delia School of Canada is made up of 8 teams that are responsible for Admissions, Accounts Receivable, the IT Department, Technology Coaching, School Safety & Security, Data Management, Resource Management, Human Resources, and Student Uniforms. 

Some of the Head office staff are located in an individual school while others serve all schools.

The Head Office is located on the ground floor and second floor of the Elementary Building (Pre-Grade 1 Section). Staff members for the Admissions Team, Accounts Team and Resource Management Team are located in the Main Office on the ground floor of the Elementary Building.  The School’s IT Team, Data Management Team and School Safety & Security Team are located on the second floor of the Elementary Building (Pre-Grade 1 Section). The Health Team staff two health rooms. One is located in the Elementary Section and the other is located in the Secondary Section.

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Mr. P. Lee
Mr. J. Walter