Deputy Principal - Elementary Section

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In today’s globalized, digital world, students require skills in problem-solving, gathering, interpreting, evaluating and applying information, and in effective communication as they learn by inquiring, exploring and creating.  Following the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum, opportunities to develop learning skills, work habits and digital literacy needed in the 21st Century are imbedded in all areas of the curriculum.  Ontario’s globally recognized curriculum provides our students, under the guidance of highly trained and skillful teachers, with a variety of experiences both inside and outside the classroom that allow them to learn and to develop the skills that they need to grow as learners and as global citizens.

At Delia School of Canada, we take pride in our multicultural learning environment as we welcome students from throughout the world.  It is through daily interaction with students from around the world at recess and during extracurricular activities as well as in the classrooms that our students develop a better understanding of one another and build friendships that transcend borders as is evident in the inclusive, cross-cultural communities that students create in their daily interactions with their peers.  Our students gain an awareness and appreciation not only for diversity but also of their roles as engaged, contributing global citizens.

The Elementary Section of Delia School of Canada offers a welcoming, inclusive learning environment where students develop skills and grow as learners and as individuals.

Tammie McGee

B.A (Hons), M.A., B.Ed., EdD Candidate

Deputy Principal

Elementary Section