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Secondary Online Learning Platform (Powered by Moodle)


Delia School of Canada is proud to announce the launch of DSC Online. The goals of this online platform revolve around a commitment to improving the learning process while also enhancing communication between teacher, student and families.
DSC Online is an innovative learning platform that allows teachers and students to collaboratively explore and master the classroom curriculum from any place with Internet access. Teachers and students will use the platform for communication, disseminating and retrieval of learning materials, student homework, as well as assessment rubrics and assessment guides for student and parent viewing.
Parents are able to view their children’s monthly calendar to see due dates for homework, assessments, university presentations, university application information, Student Council activities, and much more.
DSC Online will also allow  teachers to support student learning at home when students are unable to attend classes. Contact the school for more information or for instructions on how to login to this platform.