• Welcome to Delia School of CanadaPathways to the TOP 50 universities worldwide

    Get qualified to apply for universities in Canada and around the globe. Join us now at DSC Secondary and receive a Canadian Secondary School Diploma in Hong Kong.

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  • Welcome to Delia School of CanadaA Canadian International Education

    DSC offers a Canadian educational experience in Hong Kong. All our programs are taught by Canadian educated and certified teachers. Over 95% of our teachers are recruited directly from Canada. DSC is your passport to post-secondary studies in Canada or anywhere in the world.

  • Welcome to Delia School of CanadaEarly Education

    Apply now for Pre-Grade 1 (starting at 4 years old) and become part of our truly international community with over 45 student nationalities.

  • Welcome to Delia School of CanadaExperiential Learning

    DSC takes pride in educating the leaders of tomorrow. This responsibility involves challenging minds through learning in the traditional classroom setting while developing a global perspective through experiential learning which involves learning outside of the classroom setting. Each year grade 7 to 12 students take part in Experiential Learning Week!

  • Welcome to Delia School of CanadaDSC Values Kindness and Diversity

    The school culture at DSC is founded on the principles of kindness and the acceptance and celebration of the vibrant cultural mosaic found at DSC.

  • Summer School 2021Summer School 2021

    Join us in our popular Summer School programs! Available for both DSC and non-DSC students aged 5 – 18 years.

  • 22/7 – Online Admission Seminar22/7 – Online Admission Seminar

    Join us in our upcoming Admission Seminars and learn all about DSC! Spaces available now for this year and 2022/23.

  • Apply OnlineApply Online

    Spaces available in all grades, contact us now to arrange an Admissions Consultation and learn more about our fast track admissions process.