Program Overview

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Alternative Program (Non-ESL Stream)

Recent studies have predicted that up to 65% of students entering schools today will be working in an occupation that does not currently exist. Schools are challenged with establishing an educational program and a culture of learning that focuses on 21st-century competencies and future skills.

To meet the challenges of tomorrow, DSC opened an Alternative Program for students in Grade 1 to 6 on our Taikoo Shing Campus in 2018. The Alternative Program offers the Ontario curriculum with a focus on skill development in unison with Passion-Based Learning, Project-Based Learning, and STEAM activities in an English setting.

The goal of the program is to develop competencies while encouraging creativity and innovation in a collaborative learning environment. Entrance into this program is competitive and students must successfully pass an entrance process which includes testing for English proficiency, a detailed review of current and past achievement in Math, Science, and the Arts, and an interview. High Academic achievement alone is not grounds for acceptance into the program.

The Alternative Program has developed a House Program to ensure that a strong sense of community and belonging is developed with all students.