University Guidance with Arch Education

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Getting into the university of your choice!

Over the past years, our graduates have received offers from the top universities worldwide, this year, we are excited to announce our collaboration with Hong Kong’s leading university consultancy Arch Education and bring in their expertise for entering Oxbridge and Ivy League universities in the UK and US. 

This additional support from Arch Education will provide more insights for students to prepare for their applications, we will offer a series of useful workshops and seminars for our students and parents including: Interview Prep Workshops, Application Writing Workshops, Specific Subject Application Workshops, Admission Seminars ... etc. 

Please contact our guidance counsellors for more information. 

Our Speakers and Trainers (Arch Education):








Ms. Ruby Fu

Ruby Fu graduated from Merton College, University of Oxford in Master of Physics with full scholarship. In her second year, she was elected to represent Merton College to run for the Gibbs Prize for Physics Speaking Competition. Prior to joining Oxford, Ruby attended Benenden School with a full scholarship and obtained top grades in her 6 A Levels including Physics, Mathematics and Further Mathematics.

Ruby has been working in the educational industry since her graduation. She was a Physics teacher in a UK boarding school. Later on, she decided to further develop her career in Hong Kong where she continued to teach and worked in a management role to provide educational advice for students from various backgrounds. She has worked with gifted children to help ensure they receive the most suitable academic support they need to achieve their full potential. With her extensive experience and strong academic background, she has successfully assisted many students in gaining places into top UK boarding schools and universities in various disciplines including Physics, Mathematics, Material Science, Architecture, Engineering and Natural Sciences.

Ruby has always been reputable among her students to be both inspiring and practical. Ruby is known to be able to deliver her in-depth knowledge in a logical and simplified way, making complicated theories straight-forward, whilst her exam-oriented focus allows students to score the necessary points under intense exam conditions.

At ARCH, Ruby teaches Physics, Mathematics, General Sciences and Oxbridge admission tests - PAT, ENGAA, NSAA. She also provides consultancy for top UK boarding schools and universities.







Mr. Roger Dinh

Roger is a magna cum laude graduate from the University of California (UC) Berkeley majoring in History. With over a decade of experience in the education industry, Roger has supported a broad range of students and their families, spanning across Hong Kong, Mainland China, the United States and the UK. In his current role as the Assistant Director of US University Admissions at ARCH, Roger manages and supports ARCH counselors to develop comprehensive strategies to help students achieve both inside and outside of the classroom.

Throughout the years, Roger’s students have consistently gained admission to their first choice US colleges.  Roger’s students received offers from Ivy league and other elite institutions such as Princeton, Harvard, Stanford, Columbia and UPenn. Roger deeply enjoys the process of guiding students to identify their strengths and explore their passions. In addition to admission counseling, Roger is passionate about technology and how it could be harnessed to increase student achievement. Roger actively contributes to a number of EdTech projects, such as Fluent, which helps students vocabulary acquisition through music.

As a US university admissions counselor and mentor, Roger is excited to forge the next generation of student leaders, supporting them to realize their academic potential and collegiate success.