School Bus Service

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City School Bus Service Limited

The School has designated City School Bus Service Limited as the authorized School bus provider for 2019-2020. City School Bus Service Limited has a long history of providing quality school bus services to International Schools in Hong Kong.  

Important Deadlines 

For families who wish to join the new school bus service for 2019-2020, please note the following important timelines:

  • April 23, 2019 - Online application begins.
  • May 22, 2019 - Deadline for application.
  • May 31, 2019 - Payment deadline. All unpaid applications will be placed on a waitlist.
  • June 10, 2019 - Families on the waitlist will be informed of bus seat availability.
  • Mid-July, 2019 - School bus routings set by City School Bus Service Limited.
  • August 19, 2019 - City School Bus Service Limited will provide families with school bus information (vehicle license number, bus driver and bus attendant’s information).
 Important Information from City School Bus Service Limited
Sign Up -

Families who wish to find more information and sign up for the school bus service for the 2018-2019 school year, please click here: 


If you have any questions about the School Bus Service, please contact City School Bus Service Limited Customer Service at Tel: 3912 9620 or Email: