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The New Luncher

Their moto: Food is education.

About The New Luncher
The New Luncher's mission is to cook and deliver healthy lunchboxes to children at school. Thanks to the talent of their chefs and nutritionist, The New Luncher is growing fast. Every day more schools and parents are convinced by the value of their mission: Food is education.

Some figures
Founded in Singapore in 2017, and after two years of growth in Asia's World City, The New Luncher is starting this new school term with 40 International schools and more than 2000 lunchers across Hong Kong.

The philosophy
The New Luncher believes in changing the status quo in schools by offering freshly cooked qualitative and affordable food to children. They want The New Luncher to become the second kitchen of every home, a place where their Chefs put as much implication and love as parents in their children’s meals.

Back to School time message
The first day of school is approaching, and it’s never too early to get prepared! The orders for the new term are already open on our website. We offer a monthly subscription meal plan that is customizable for your daily need. The New Luncher offer the variety, the freshness, and the tastes
that your children deserve.

The offer
3 menus every day: Asian, Western or Vegetarian
2 optional add-ons: Snack and dessert
1 standard Lunchbox: adapted to children form 4 years old.


They recommend to add an option (Snack and/or Dessert) from 6 years old and above. The lunches come in eco-friendly packaging and children need only to bring in their own cutlery.

The prices

Lunches cost HK$52 for a standard box. Each extra (dessert and snack) priced at HK$18.

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Important Information 

Documents and Information 
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