Mrs. R. Marans, Head Teacher

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Head Teacher’s Message


It’s hard to believe we’re just around the corner from the final months of the school year! This year is flying by, even with all the uncertainty and changes. The last stretch of the school year brings with it lots of chances to celebrate and share all the successes our students have had this year. As the weather warms up and we see the end of the year approaching, it can be difficult for students to keep motivated and continue to work hard. This has indeed been a tiring school year for everyone and it’s going to take perseverance and dedication to finish strong in June. How can we keep our students focused and ready for the home stretch of this year? 1) Set Goals! Sit down with your children and ask what they want to accomplish before June. Encourage an attainable and realistic goal such as reading for 15 minutes every night or participating during one class discussion each day. Help them develop a plan and support them as they follow through. Share the plan with their teacher, who can support them too. Setting their sights on a goal will help them stay focused. 2) Keep celebrating successes! Success doesn’t always mean an A+. Success in school means improvement. Acknowledge when your children come home with a better grade on a test than the previous one or when they hand in all their assignments on time after struggling with work completion. Encouragement and praise for effort will keep them motivated to continue trying their best. This time of year at school is like running a race. We’re near the end and we’re tired, but it’s not the time to slow down. If we want to win the medal, we have to put in the extra effort and keep pushing toward the finish line.  


Head Teacher

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  • March  2021