Mrs. R. Marans, Head Teacher

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Head Teacher’s Message


Head Teacher’s Message 

This has certainly been a unique school year and we’ve all had to work hard to keep teaching and learning. Successes have been evident in the continuity of learning that has taken place during the school suspension. As they say, “absence makes the heart grow fonder” and teachers and students were all missing the daily routine of school and, of course, we all missed seeing each other every day. For all the things we may have missed out on, we all gained some new understanding of teaching, learning, and the impact of the school environment on student well-being and success. 


So, as we look ahead to the next school year, I urge all the students and staff to take those skills that were learned and developed during online learning and incorporate them into your learning and teaching toolbox for the coming year. We now have experts in organization, independence, learning technologies, communication and all of those things that we had to use in order to teach and learn effectively this year. 


I wish you all a restful summer and am excited to welcome you back in September!

Mrs. R. Marans
Head Teacher
Alternative Program


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