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Welcome Message

There are few disciplines that are as free and spirited as the Arts.  And it’s an area where we have a lot of interest and talent!  But it’s not easy. As the famous French painter Henri Matisse once stated “Creativity takes courage”. And our students have been both creative and courageous this month as we highlight the excellent work produced by them within our Arts program.  This includes both visual and the dramatic arts.

For example, on Friday, May 14th, we showcased the production of The Wizard of Oz which was available for viewing on Broadway on Demand.  On May 27th, Nuit Noire Virtual Art Gallery went live at Artsteps ( showcasing student work.  And finally, students from our Grade 12 Visual Arts course have mapped out their art work projects which will take on life size proportions as they use the school walls as their canvas!   There is great creativity abound at DSC!

Please drop in and visit us virtually to see art in action.

Allan Morrison
Principal (Secondary)