Ms Adrianna Mahoney, Vice Principal

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The month of June was swift and filled with successes at DSC. Students have been taking advantage of their time back in the classroom to focus on their academic success as they complete Semester and Reporting Period 2. Although physical classes only took place in the morning, with online classes in the afternoon, the full day dedication to academic success was very evident. Our students have shown incredible resilience and determination during this school year. The school environment has been different during the month of June with daily temperature checks, social distancing and the daily use of masks. However, students quickly adjusted and focused on completing their year successfully. Our graduates focused on having a positive end to their year. For example, they sported the graduation hoodies designed by them almost daily. In addition, our senior artists took some time painting murals on the hallway walls to leave behind their mark. As a bonus, it was announced that our graduating class would receive the graduation ceremony they had hoped for. Again, we are very proud of the resilience and success for all our DSC students. We look forward to seeing many of them at Summer School and wish everyone a safe summer ahead. Finally, to our graduating class, we wish you all the best on your next chapter, and look forward to hearing about all the great things that you accomplish.   

Ms Adrianna Mahoney
B.A. (Honours), Dramatic Arts Specialist
Vice Principal
Secondary Section




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