Distinguished Graduates

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Educating the Leaders of Tomorrow!

Delia School of Canada has been offering top quality education since 1987. Many of our graduates have gone on to distinguished careers after graduating from DSC. If you are a DSC graduate and would like to share your story, please contact alumni@delia.edu.hk.

Kenta Iwasaki (Class ot 2015)

Kenta presently studies at HKUST in the BEng in Computer Science program. He is currently under a full scholarship from  the Li Ka Shing Foundation.

Founder of Dranithix, a startup company by Kenta himself, is one of his biggest accomplishments. It focuses on providing  state-of-the-art data models allowing programmers to implement features such as speech recognition, object recognition, music/image/speech synthesis, emotion recognition, and abstractive text summarization into their products or services  entirely for free. Under Dranithix lies many other commercial projects founded by Kenta such as a note-taking platform

Cheatsheet, and Lyfe, which is a social network that incorporates facial emotion recognition.

No stranger to hackathons, Kenta has participated in several along with other research competitions at prestigious institutions such as Stanford University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Waterloo, and HKUST. He has also participated in hackathons to implement novel solutions to mitigate traffic congestion and drug trafficking.

Kenta has also worked with robotics for industrial and leisure purposes under Aldebaran Robotics. He has also participated in many other competitions such as DJI’s Robomasters and the Asia-Pacific Robot Contest, incorporating vision- and control-based algorithms to maneuver and steer robots.

His summer plans include employment opportunities to work for LINE in Korea and Comet Labs VC in Silicon Valley.

Read more about kenta in the SCMP article "Kenta Iwasaki, the Hong Kong whizz kid, who wants to revolutionise the way we use cryptocurrency"

Kyo Hyun Koo (Class of 2015)

Johnny Koo is a junior at UCSD pursuing a degree in Bioengineering: Biotechnology. During the past two years of University life, he has been busy setting up his Makerspace called CATLAB, researching at the Laboratory for Bioresponsive Materials, and biohacking with his friend. He also worked with project competitions with friends ranging from engineering a system to brew beer in space and drug delivery systems with DNA origami that have been featured from UCSD’s news page to Popular Science. As of right now, he is focusing on researching on engineering lanthanide nanoparticles and biohacking a product for a potential startup. During his free time, he likes to hike and swim. Currently, he is training to obtain his scuba diving license.

Read more about Johnny in thisweek@ussandiego

Sourashis Bhowmik

Sourashis Bhowmik is a sophomore at the University of California, Los Angeles. Currently pursuing a degree in Biophysics, he has joined the Society for Physics Students and works with the department’s Undergraduate Research Program in collaborative projects with his peers. He also worked for the Zhongbo Kang Research Group with numerical programming. As of right now, he is focused on beginning his own project with his department’s Research Program. During his free time, he enjoys hiking and camping around California.