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High School Program (Grades 9 -12)

The High School program, which begins at Grade 9, leads to the Ontario Secondary School Diploma and, in turn, for our graduates, acceptance into universities throughout the world.  Delia School of Canada graduates are well-prepared for post-secondary education and are actively recruited by universities in Hong Kong and internationally because of the well-rounded education they have received.  Students are required, in addition to completing required course work, to become active members in the community by completing a minimum of 40 community involvement hours, and are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities.

Literacy plays an important role in the High School program across all subjects and the development and improvement of literacy skills are integrated into all courses.  In addition, our English as a Second Language (ESL) Program has been developed to meet the needs of those students whose first language is not English.  Through immersion in the ESL Program, High School students are able to work towards attaining credits towards graduation while developing the English literacy skills that are necessary to succeed in meeting curriculum expectations at grade level.

Our teachers create stimulating learning environments that challenge students to think about, interpret, critically analyze and communicate their understanding of course content and its application.  Curriculum delivery is varied and provides students with multiple opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding in a variety of different ways.  Students use their personal laptops to access and assess information, collaborate with their classmates both on and off site, and complete assignments and create course work.  Our teachers are innovative in their approaches to content and skilled in supporting digital citizenship and digital literacy.

There are also multiple opportunities for students to get active and involved in School life.  There is Student Council, an extensive list of extracurricular activities, and students can help in community building by being part of our Habitat for Humanity project team!

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