Why a Canadian education?

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Head of School's Messsage

It is my pleasure and privilege to welcome you to Delia School of Canada (DSC) as the new Head of School.

DSC has been a leader in Hong Kong offering Canadian curriculum and global pathways to top universities since 1986. DSC’s Guidance and Counselling program is established on the principles of individual pathways and the teacher mentorship of students. We are dedicated to working with students and families to help  navigate the various post-secondary options to ensure their post-secondary experiences match their interests, passions, and dreams. We take pride in the accomplishments of our alumni and the success of our graduates who enter the top universities globally. As educators, it is immensely rewarding to see that the skills, passions, and knowledge students develop at DSC are further enhanced through coursework and programs at some of the world’s top universities. This truly allows DSC graduates to become the leaders of tomorrow.   

DSC is an international school in Hong Kong with students from more than 45 nationalities. DSC offers a through train education system built on individual pathways to global destinations. DSC has a well-established early childhood education (Pre-Grade 1, 4-year old), Primary Division (Grades 1 to 3, 6-year old to 8-year old), Junior Division (Grades 4 to 6, 9-year old to 11-year old), Intermediate Division (Grades 7 to 10, 12-year old to 15-year old), and a Senior Division (Grades 11 and 12, 16-year old to 17-year old). These 14 grade levels are all located on a single campus to ensure we can develop a strong sense of community, that students can take part in an extensive number of clubs and activities, benefit from peer and senior student mentorship, academic transitions are seamless, and offer relevant supports to ensure we make a more supportive and inclusive learning environment. 

DSC has an innovative and creative learning culture which extends beyond the classroom walls and ensures we develop the whole child. DSC provides an inclusive multicultural and caring environment to inspire students to develop their social, intellectual, emotional, and physical abilities to contribute positively to the global community.  All school directions and initiatives are carefully reviewed and developed to ensure they are based on our core values which allow us to achieve our vision and mission. The core values and traditions ensure that all are graduates our prepared for post secondary education and the global workforce.

Our core values:

  • Multicultural and Caring Environment: We foster an inclusive school culture which promotes compassion, kindness, and celebrates diversity.
  • Student Success: We create a learning environment, through excellence in governance and teaching, which allows for collaboration, creativity, innovation, and the development of 21st Century competencies.
  • Wellness and Balance: We promote and support a positive sense of self and belonging through a balance in life.
  • Global Citizenship: We encourage a culture of trust, integrity, responsibility, and inclusivity.
  • Opportunity: Students are exposed to rich learning experiences that enable them to discover their passions and achieve their highest potential.
  • Diversity: Students’ differing needs, cultures, and abilities are respected and valued within learning environments.

The best way to learn more about DSC, our community, and our approach to education is through an individual consultation with one of our Admissions Staff. DSC is pleased to offer these individual and tailored consultations onsite or virtually. During a consultation our team of professionals will introduce the school, our philosophies of education, review your child’s previous learning, and offer a student readiness workshop to ensure a seamless and successful transition into DSC where we focus on Canadian curriculum and global pathways to your child’s future.

Dr. Jason Walter
Head of School
Delia School of Canada