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Middle School Program (Grades 7 - 8)

The Middle School program has been developed to meet the specific needs of this unique group of learners creating a bridge between Elementary School and High School. Students remain in Homeroom groupings while rotating through subject classes taught by Middle School subject teachers. In addition to the teaching of subject content, the Middle School teachers collaborate to create activities that develop transferable skills and promote safe and responsible use of learning technologies. Infused in all subject areas is digital literacy and digital citizenship. Students, with the assistance of their subject teachers, effectively use their personal laptops and other devices to access information, create work, and collaborate with their peers both on- and off-campus.

The Middle School subject teachers create inclusive, stimulating learning environments that support and challenge student thinking. Students develop their abilities to apply their knowledge and understanding of subject content in unique and varied ways under the guidance of teachers committed to providing differentiated instruction and varied assessment tools.  As a result, students are able to demonstrate their learning and achieve to the best of their abilities, and have the skills they need to succeed in Middle School and in further education.

A key component of the Middle School program is the House Leagues program. This program focuses on the development of a sense of community which, in turn, plays an important role in the classroom. During House League activities, students work together to earn points for their homeroom. The team work and problem-solving skills that are developed through House League activities carry over into the classroom where students apply their community-mindedness to work together to solve problems, develop skills, complete tasks, and meet goals in the skills-based learning environment.  Students are also encouraged to take advantage of the Middle School extracurricular activities to learn new skills while having fun interacting with their peers in after school activities. In addition, students will participate in an Experiential Learning Week which provides an exciting opportunity to extend their learning beyond the walls of the classroom by enhancing cultural awareness, building leadership skills, participating in community service, enriching creativity, and/or adventure and sports depending on which of the seven programs is selected.


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