Dr. Patrick Lee

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Patrick first entered the Delia Group of Schools through the Matteo Ricci College 25 years ago and commenced working at Delia School of Canada the year after. Patrick became the Principal of Delia School of Canada in 2002.

Patrick has substantial leadership experience across the schools within the Delia Group of Schools as he is a School Manager of all schools in the Delia Group of Schools.

  • Delia School of Canada
  • Delia School of Canada (Kowloon East)
  • Delia Memorial School (Hip Wo)
  • Delia Memorial School (Broadway)
  • Delia Memorial School (Glee Path)
  • Delia Memorial School (Hip Wo No. 2 College)
  • Delia English Primary School and Kindergarten
  • Delia (Man Kui) English Primary School
  • Springview Kindergarten

Patrick holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Administrative and Commercial Studies from the University of Western Ontario (Ontario), a Master of Business Administration in International Education from Keele University (UK), and a Doctor of Business Administration from California Southern University (USA). In addition, he is an Ontario overseas school agent for two Ontario overseas schools.