Parent Testimonials

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Mrs. Laberge (Parent of a Grade 4 student)

“I think DSC has a good school environment. My son came from an IB school and he learned a lot more at DSC. The multiculturalism of the school is the number one best thing. “

Mrs. Uchikawa (Parent of a Grade 2 student and a Grade 4 student)

“My children had a very fulfilling, enriching, and fun experience at DSC. The teachers are very supportive to the students. I’m so glad that we found a good school for my children.”

Mr. Lau (Parent of a Grade 9 student)

My son has completed 3 years of study at DSC since grade 7 and he is now at grade 10. During the past years, he has enjoyed school life very much. The teachers are helpful and supportive when he struggled in learning. What he enjoys most is the outdoor activities that he had not experienced before. He is also active in sports and has won a few medals at the ISSFHK and is currently a member of school U20 soccer team. Overall, it’s important that the school has provided a positive learning attitude for my son to grow.

Simone Zanolli (Parent of a Grade 4 student and a Grade 6 student at DSC (Kowloon East)

At DSC we found a wonderful cosmopolitan environment, a friendly atmosphere where our kids are happy to be and enthusiastic to learn.

Ms Bajpai (Parent of a Grade 7 student at DSC (Kowloon East)

My daughter has been a part of Delia School of Canada (Kowloon East) for 3 years. During these years she has become quite independent and enthusiastic about her studies mostly due to the research based approach practiced by the school.  Her excitement and commitment to the projects she gets to do in class are very obvious.

The various tactics adopted by the school (such as, issuing  tokens for outstanding work, awarding Student of the Month etc) encourage students to go an extra mile which enhances their self-development. The School's approach towards various social causes  such as anti bullying campaign, donations for charity etc, help students to become aware about these issues and lead them to grow as global citizens.

Teachers are quite approachable at any given point of time and the school provides various opportunities to the parents to participate in different workshops and events covering important aspects in students learning. We are very happy  to be a part of the school which provides overall growth to our child.

Mrs. Kanai (Parent of a student in Grade 6 at Delia School of Canada - Kowloon East)

“Because the school is a small community everyone, no matter which grade they are, can be good friends and teachers take well care of students.  I think the distance between teachers and students is very close. Also, there are many activities and events.” 

Ms Yewon Choi (Parent of a student in PG1B)

It is wonderful that my child can interact with friends from everywhere in the world and learn to live in harmony. I also love how teachers teach at the level of a little kids' perspective."  

Mr. Mangukia (Parent of a Grade 1 student and a Grade 4 student at DSC (Kowloon East)

Our daughter has made leaps and bounds academically and socially. She is safe, appreciated by her teachers and peers and feels that all the kids are equal. The teachers are fantastic and the teaching method is cool. I am truly satisfied with the school. The staff is professional and inviting. Most importantly there are high expectations for students and parental involvement is expected and appreciated.

I highly recommend this school to any parents who want a unique and challenging academic experience.

Our son absolutely loves this school and he is enthusiastic about attending school each and every day. He has been in DSC(KE) for three years and never had a bad experience. I have interacted with my son’s teachers, the Principle, and all the other support staff. They are always helpful and are always willing to be a part of my son’s education.