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Receive an Ontario High School Transcript | Delia School of Canada

Delia School of Canada is registered with Hong Kong’s Education Bureau according to the HK Education Ordinance Chapter 279 as ED/1/21579/88 and can be found on the Education Bureau’s website. (

The School’s Secondary credit courses are fully accredited by the Ontario Ministry of Education in Canada. The School is registered in Ontario as Private School #879037 and can be found on the Ontario Ministry of Education’s website (

As part of our responsibilities under accreditation with Ontario we must maintain at least 80% Ontario certified teachers within the Secondary Section and undergo an annual school inspection by a School Inspector from Canada. These two requirements help to ensure that the quality of education found at Delia School of Canada meets the standards expected within the province of Ontario. Currently, more than 90% of our teachers, including both Secondary Section and Elementary Section, are members of the Ontario College of Teachers. (

All graduates of our Secondary Section receive an Ontario Secondary School Diploma. This diploma is recognized internationally and qualifies students to apply for entrance to universities around the globe. We currently have past graduates studying in more than 75 universities. Students who leave the Secondary Section prior to graduating will receive an Ontario Provincial Report Card and Ontario Student Transcript that are also recognized around the globe as an indication of educational achievement equivalent to the same grade in Ontario. Students in the Elementary Section, like their Secondary Section counterparts, also receive the Ontario Provincial Report Card.