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Vice Principal (Admissions) – Welcome


As we start a new school year in September 2020, I think most people would agree that schools looks slightly different than they have in the past. The Admissions processes and Enrollment at DSC have also seen a few changes. The admissions team at DSC have adjusted our admissions processes to continue to ensure we guide and support new families joining Delia School of Canada. Changing schools or moving to a new city can be challenging and unsettling at times. Our Admissions team at Delia School of Canada is here to foster personal and community relationships and to promote our school’s values, vision and mission.

For some of our new students, DSC will be their first experience in an international school. An international school is defined as “private institutions which offer a national curriculum in a different country or an international curriculum” (Hayden, 2006). The admissions team at DSC is here to support not only the student’s transition into DSC but offer advice and guidance to the entire family during this transition period. Some of our new families are trying to understand the school culture, meet new friends online and understand the curriculum expectations that their children are now studying (Ontario Ministry of Education, It is important to support your child’s transition to DSC by asking them questions about their day, to observe their daily routines and to encourage them to speak to their teachers regarding their fears and concerns. Changing schools does not need to be a stressful event and with the proper support and guidance, your child and your family will have a positive and seamless transition into our school.

Students and families at DSC are, not only supported in their academics, but also in their emotional and social wellbeing.  During your child’s transition to DSC, it is important to be open and honest with the school by taking the opportunity to ask any questions you have. Encourage your child to seek advice from peers, teachers and administrators. It is equally important for your child to be getting the proper amount of sleep, nutrition and support while at home. Within the first six weeks of school, the admissions team will contact you to find out how your family is adjusting to life at DSC. The overall success of your child will be a combined effort between you, your child, his/her teachers, and the support network your child has outside of school.

The admissions team, teachers and administration, along with your child’s peers, are here to support you and your child to ensure that all new families have a successful and productive year where all students are inspired to develop their social, intellectual, emotional, and physical abilities to allow them to contribute positively to the global community.

We look forward to welcoming all new families to our DSC community!


Hayden, M., (2006). Introduction to International Education: International Schools and their Communities. London: SAGE Publications Ltd.