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Announcement and Updates
  • Alberta Program is moving to the New Campus in Kwun Tong in September 2018.
  • Applications are now available online.
  • Admissions is open in July and August- please contact us anytime.

Welcome Message from the Head of Admissions 

Delia School of Canada prides itself on being a multicultural School with over 1300 students enrolled from 48 different countries. We are pleased to offer open enrollment which allows student to apply throughout the school year. DSC encourages all families to contact us at admissions@delia.edu.hk or 3658-0400 with any inquiries regarding admissions.

We are now accepting applications for Grade 1 to Grade 9 in our Alberta Program which will be moving to the new campus in Kwun Tong in September 2018. DSC is welcoming all applicants in Pre-Grade 1 to Grade 12 in our Ontario Program located in Taikoo Shing. DSC also offers summer school classes for those students looking to extend their learning beyond the regular academic year.

The admissions team at Delia School of Canada is here to help welcome and assist all new students and their families to our School. We are happy to answer your questions about the application process, enrollment procedures, graduation requirements and promise to help ease your child’s entry into our school.

Please contact us today to arrange a consultation or a private tour. Tours are available Monday to Friday and are available in the following languages: Japanese, English, Mandarin, French, Cantonese, Hindi and Korean.

We greatly appreciate your interest in our School and welcome you to contact us by email at admissions@delia.edu.hk or by phone at 852-3658- 0400. Our office hours are: Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm. Make an appointment to come see DSC yourself today!




Sarah Miles

Head of Admissions



Upcoming Recruitment Events
  • Student recruitment will take place in Beijing/ Chengdu/ Guangzhou/Shanghai, China in October 2018. Contact Ms Liu(j.liu@delia.edu.hk) for details.

  • Student recruitment will take place in Tokyo, Japan in November 2018. Contact Ms Yamazaki(c.yamazaki@delia.edu.hk) for details.

  • Student recruitment will take place in Bangkok, Thailand in November 2018. Contact Ms Kaur(g.kaur@delia.edu.hk) and Ms Lim(j.lim@delia.edu.hk) for details.