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Delia School of Canada Website Copyright

Objectives - It is the intent of the Delia Group of Schools (TKS) that all staff and students of its schools, more specifically the Delia School of Canada (Elementary Section), The Delia School of Canada (Kowloon), the Delia School of Canada (Secondary Section) and the Delia Memorial School (Taikoo Shing), adhere to international and Hong Kong laws protecting copyright material. Brief overviews of these laws are available in the Hong Kong publication “Copyright in Education in Hong Kong” and the Canadian publication “Copyright Matters”. Both of these documents have been made available to all school staff. The Delia Group of Schools (TKS) does not condone the illegal use or reproduction of copyrighted materials in any form. Employees, who willfully disregard the Delia Group of School’s Copyright Policy do so at their own risk and assume all liability.

Compliance - It is the school’s policy to comply with laws regarding intellectual property. System audits will be used as the method of enforcing this policy. Periodically (at least twice annually) the I.T. Department will audit school computers to verify;
1) that only authorized software is installed;
2) that no unauthorized music files have been saved onto school owned equipment;
3) that no unauthorized movie has been saved onto school equipment
4) that no data file, protected by copyright, has been saved onto a school computer.

Staff and students may be notified prior to the audit. Staff and students will be notified of any violations after the audit. The data in question will be removed from the system and an audit report will be created.

Students - Students own the copyright to their creative works, including works created using school resources. Student work will only be posted on the school website with the permission of parents. All student work posted on the Internet/Intranet will contain a copyright notice indicating the ownership of that work by the student(s).

Staff - The school shall own the copyright on any works created by school staff within the scope of their employment responsibilities. School staff own the copyright to works created outside of the scope of their employment responsibilities and without the use of school resources. School staff may post such work on the school website to facilitate access by students and/or staff. Notice of such posting and claim of ownership must be provided to administration. By posting such work to the school's website, the staff member will grant a non-exclusive license or permission for any staff or student within the school to freely use such work.

Postings and Dissemination of Material - No material may be disseminated through the school Internet/Intranet system or posted on the school Internet/Intranet site unless that material is original, in the public domain, used in accord with the fair use provisions of the copyright law, or is disseminated or posted with permission of the copyright owner.

If you have any questions about this copyright statement, the practices of this site, or your dealings with our school, you can contact us using any of the above communications channels.