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Deputy Principal's Message

Welcome to Delia School of Canada

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students and Visitors,

Delia School of Canada is dedicated to educational excellence.  For us, educational excellence is achieved through the design and implementation of powerful learning experiences that empower students to become contributors to the global community. The School’s commitment to this vision means we are always looking for ways to improve student learning and success in the classroom and in the community. This means looking for ways to maintain what works well while also being dedicated to developing new initiatives to help see our vision come to fruition. A few examples of the initiatives for 2017-2018 include a new 1:1 iPad Program in Grade 2 and Grade 3, a new student portfolio system, new extracurricular activities in all sections, new student recognition programs, new school mascots, numerous workshops planned during learning technology week for parents and students, and the launch of Experiential Learning Week.  

With these and many more exciting activities and programs being planned the 2017-2018 school year promises to be full of excitement, learning, and collaboration.


Jason Walter
(BA, BEd, GCET, MIS, MBA, EdD Candidate)
Deputy Principal
Delia School of Canada

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