DSC Guidance

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DSC Guidance Department

The Guidance Department assists students in Grades 7 to 12 with concerns about academic decisions, career planning, and meeting graduation requirements. The Guidance Department is located on the 3/F, Room 316.  All students in the Secondary Section are assigned a Guidance Counsellor who will remain their counsellor throughout their studies at Delia School of Canada. Assignment is based on students’ surname. Please see the contact information below.

During the school year, the Guidance Counsellor will arrange individual conferences with students and/or parents regarding academic concerns and timetabling issues. Students and parent/guardians can make an appointment with the Guidance Counsellor to discuss any of these services.  

Middle School

The role of the Guidance Counsellor is to provide academic counselling to students and assisting them in developing the required skills needed for academic success.  The Guidance Counsellor also works closely with the Grade 7 students in their transition from Elementary School to Middle School, and with the Grade 8 students in preparation for their transition from Middle School to High School.

High School

Guidance services are available every day for all High School students. These services include educational planning, career and occupational information, and assistance with academic and personal problems. A wide range of services through individual and group counseling are provided including:

  • assistance in course selection
  • helps co-ordinate activities for the 40-hours of community service requirement
  • provision of university and college calendars, university and college admission information and other post-secondary education reference materials
  • assistance in preparing applications for university and college
  • arrangement of university and college guest speakers
  • career counseling
  • individual counseling
  • transition to secondary school counseling
Course Selection Process

The course selection process begins in late Semester Two. Students will receive a course selection sheet from their Homeroom Teacher and begin choosing their courses for the next year. If a student or parent/guardian has questions regarding the courses offered, the School’s course calendar is easily accessible on the School’s website. Students should feel free to make appointments with the counselor on any questions regarding university/college pathways or graduation requirements.

Timetable changes are available near the start of every semester. Students are expected to schedule an appointment with the counselor and present a parent’s note at the appointment meeting. Due to course availability, changes may not be possible. Students are encouraged to check over their course selections before submitting their course selection sheet.

University Information Sessions

Throughout the year, our School will hold university presentations open to DSC students and parents. Students are encouraged to attend these presentations where they can meet with university representatives and gain a further understanding of the program and admission process.

Guidance Student and Parent Website

Important Guidance information, news, and upcoming events can be found on the Guidance Website

Contact Information

Student Surname A-K

Ms C. deCastro
Guidance Counsellor
Delia School of Canada
Secondary Section
Tel: 3658 0338
Fax: 2885 7824


Student Surname L-Z

Mrs. S. Schnepf-Comeau
Guidance Counsellor<
Delia School of Canada
Secondary Section
Tel: 3658 0338
Fax: 2885 7824