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Early Years – Grade 6

Delia School of Canada provides an internationally recognized curriculum and has been acknowledged for its outstanding academic successes, friendly atmosphere, and caring staff.  We believe that a quality education begins with a safe and supportive classroom environment and builds on the collective strengths of the students. Our commitment is to challenge our students intellectually, help them grow socially, guide them toward independent thinking, and develop advanced problem-solving skills.  These skills will help prepare them not only for our excellent Secondary program but also for life in the 21st Century.

In addition, our student-centred approach to learning develops thinking and communication skills, problem-solving skills, and social skills as well as fostering empathy and an appreciation of diversity. The integration of technology throughout the curriculum, beginning in Pre-Grade 1, assists students in using technology in safe and productive ways. This includes collaborating on-line and accessing learning support materials off-site through our web-based learning platforms. Curriculum-based field trips support our philosophy that learning occurs both within the classroom and outside in the community.

Learning continues in our extracurricular program which is made up of a variety of clubs and teams.  Active participation in clubs or teams helps reinforce skills developed in the classroom.  The extracurricular program aims to build a sense of student commitment and community, fostering social skills and collaboration. All extracurricular clubs and teams are supervised by Delia school of Canada teachers.

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