Mrs. R. Marans, Head Teacher

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May Campus News

As we move into our final weeks of the school year, I want to express how much I’ve enjoyed working with the staff and students in AP this year. May, in particular, has been a busy month and we’ve had lots of opportunities for experiential learning outside of the classroom. As a teacher, it is always a pleasure to be able to spend time with students in a different environment outside of a classroom and get to know another side of them that may not always show up in a more structured classroom setting.

June will be another busy month with report cards and end of year clean up and festivities. I enjoy running in my free time and part of the reason I love it is because I can take so many of the things I’ve learned from training and apply them to my life. One of those things is that the fastest part of a long race should be the end. You see that finish line and you push yourself harder to get there. So, let’s finish the year strong, knowing that we’ve run the best race we could!

Mrs. R. Marans
Head Teacher
Alternative Program