Mrs. R. Marans, Head Teacher

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February Campus News

Happy New Year! As we welcome 2019 and the Year of the Pig, many of us take a few moments to reflect on the last year and look ahead to what is coming. As I think about this past year in the Alternative Program, I am so proud of everything our students and teachers have accomplished. There have been fun, educational trips, lots of collaboration during STEAM blocks, dynamic and exciting lessons and teambuilding during our House Activities. I’ve seen kindness, hard work, perseverance and always lots of smiles.

I am so excited to see what this new year will bring. We have planned more experiences that will expand the learning of our students outside of the classroom, the teachers are working together to keep providing thought-provoking and challenging activities for STEAM, and we will continue to build school spirit and cohesion through our House Program.

Thank you to all the families for helping make first half of the school year a great one. DSC(AP) wishes you all health, happiness and success for the coming year.

Mrs. R. Marans
Head Teacher
Alternative Program