Mrs. R. Marans, Head Teacher

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November Campus News

As a new member of DSC, I am constantly amazed and thrilled by the opportunities the students here have to innovate, be creative and learn through technology. November provided lots of chances for students to learn with technology whether during the grade 6 Experiential Learning Week or in the classrooms using video making software, producing newscasts with green screen or learning with QR codes and iPads.

The grade 3s have been going back to basics by using our well-stocked recycled material supply to build sets for plays they wrote themselves and the grade 4-6 are gearing up for new STEAM challenges during their collaborative STEAM blocks.

It’s exciting to watch the students think their way through problems by taking risks and using their creativity. They are learning to be the innovative thinkers and doers that the world needs and we are so proud of all they’ve accomplished so far!

Mrs. R. Marans
Head Teacher
Alternative Program