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April 2019

The month of April begins with our Spring Concert for Grades 4, 5, & 6.  Students will get to see the performances on the Rehearsal day, April 3rd, while parents are invited to come watch on Thursday, April 4.  Friday the 5th will be a public holiday for the Ching Ming Festival.  students and teachers on Spring Holiday, with classes starting back up on Monday, April 9th

The Spring Holiday will be from the 15th to the 22nd with classes resuming on Tuesday the 23rd.  I hope everyone enjoys this nice break and enjoys the typically beautiful Hong Kong weather during this time of year.  If students are interested in performing in the DSCE Talent Show on May 23rd, start practicing and get your permission forms in on time.  Show us what amazing talents you have!  On the 26th we will have a Community Chest Dress Casual day, so please remember to bring in $20 to support this important Hong Kong charity. Everyone have a wonderful April!

Mark Gillis, BSc, B.Ed., MBA
Vice Principal
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