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School Health Room

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DSC’s Health Room staff do a lot to keep the school safe and healthy! The team is always on hand to help sick or injured students and staff.

Visit the Health Room websites to learn more about how the Health Room staff and how they keep DSC healthy. 

DSC Health Rooms

The Elementary Health Room is located on the Ground Floor in the Elementary Section Building in Room 108. This health room is staffed by the Health Room Assistant, Ms Joanna Leono, and the Health Room Assistant, Ms L. Granado.

The Secondary Health Room is located on the Second Floor in the Secondary Section Building in Room 224. This Health Room is staffed by the Health Room Supervisor, Mrs. Amy Walter.

Bothe Health Rooms serve as a sick room for students and provide first aid assistance. 

Heart Safe Facility

The School is a “Heart Safe Facility” and as such has an AED and trained staff members in its usage.

Health Room Websites and Information 

Secondary Health Room

Elementary Health Room 

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