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Hallowe'en /Community Chest Dress Casual Day

27 October 2017

Friday, October 27, 2017

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Thank you for your ongoing support of Community Chest Dress Casual Day.

Next Tuesday, the day of our Hallowe’en Parade, is a Community Chest Dress Casual Day.  While taking part in Hallowe’en festivities, let’s also help those in Hong Kong who are less well off by making a donation to Community Chest.   All students and staff planning to come to school on Tuesday in a Hallowe’en costume or in casual dress are reminded of the minimum donation of $20.

Your support of this activity is appreciated.  We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday, October 31st, 2017 at the Hallowe’en Parade!

Tammie McGee
Deputy Principal
Elementary Section
Delia School of Canada
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