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December After School Tutoring

20 November 2017

November 20, 2017
The School offers after school tutoring classes for students enrolled in DSC who would like to benefit from classes taught by DSC Canadian certified teachers familiar with the Ontario curriculum and assessment models.  The tutoring will be tailored to students’ individual needs to help them succeed and excel at school.  Students will be able to attend tutoring on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and/or Friday and indicate the subject focus for each session.  Classes run from 3:15 pm to 4:45 pm.  These tutoring classes will have a minimum class size of 4 and a max class size of 8.  The School offers two types of after school tutoring.  One is designed for ESL students and offers support in all subject areas and the other option offers targeted subject specific support.
“I enjoy going to after school tutoring classes for ESL because the activities we do in class are a lot of fun.”
-Student Testimonial-
“I am glad to have time to prepare for tests in math.  It is good to review and get some work done so I have less to do at home.”
-Student Testimonial-
“My son is much more confident in English since joining the After School Tutoring classes.”
-Parent Testimonial-
December After School Tutoring

Day Subject Options # of Classes (Dates) *Fee
Monday ESL (Support in all subjects) 2  (dates: 4, 11) $900
Tuesday ESL (Support in all subjects) 2  (dates: 5, 12) $900
Thursday ESL (Support in all subjects) 2  (dates: 7, 14) $900
Social Studies
Friday ESL (Support in all subjects) 2  (dates: 1, 8) $900

Please click: Reply Slip for December After School Tutoring

Mark Gillis
Vice Principal
Elementary Section
Please return the reply slip with applicable fee to the Elementary Office by Tuesday, November 28th.
The fee is adjusted for a given month depending on the number of classes taught in that month.
The fee may be paid in cash or by cheque – made payable to ‘Delia School of Canada’.  Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.