Dr. Jason Walter

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Deputy Principal / Director of Information Technology

Jason joined the DSC family in 1998 as a grade 4 homeroom teacher. Since joining DSC, Jason has held positions at all levels of leadership including Team Leader, Head Teacher, IT Manager, and currently Deputy Principal and Director of IT.

Jason is committed to lifelong learning and has studied at universities in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Jason holds degrees in multiple disciplines. Jason received his Bachelor of Arts (History/Religious Studies) from Cape Breton University (Nova Scotia), followed with a Bachelor of Education from St. Francis Xavier University (Nova Scotia), a Graduate Certificate in Education Technology from the University of Southern Queensland (Australia), a Master of Information Systems from University of Phoenix (USA), a Master of Business Administration (International Education) from Keele University (UK), and a Doctor of Education from Capella University (USA). Jason’s continuing education pathway includes completing an ABQ course in Intermediate History from Lakehead University (Ontario) and two courses from Harvard Business School (Leadership Principles and Disruptive Strategies). In his most recent works, Jason has focused his research on leadership, staff retention in international schools, and international school student admissions. Jason is a registered teacher in 3 Canadian provinces (Ontario, Alberta, Nova Scotia) and in Hong Kong.  

Jason has received awards for both entrepreneurship and academics and it is within this domain where his true educational passions are found. Jason is a firm believer in educating students for the future, where they will live and work. The furture work enviornment will require people to have a keen understanding of entrepreneurship and the value of creating, developing, and inventing something new. This means embracing 22nd Century Learning and ensuring that every student finds their passion for learning and a drive to create, collaborate and contribute.  

Aside from his administrative duties, Jason teaches Design Thinking for Innovation. This course provides an opportunity for students to engage in longer-term projects that are personally relevant. Projects are interdisciplinary in nature and therefore incorporate skills, knowledge, and tools from a variety of areas. This requires students to take up complex challenges and find solutions by using an innovative design cycle. The process-driven nature of this course encourages students to connect and integrate learning from other subject areas, to create, to collaborate, and challenge themselves.