Vision and Mission

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The vision of Delia School of Canada is to inspire all to strive for excellence, be the best they can be, and contribute to a better world.


The mission of Delia School of Canada is to provide an inclusive multicultural and caring environment to inspire students to develop their social, intellectual, emotional, and physical abilities to contribute positively to the global community.  

Core Values

School directions and initiatives are based on our core values which allow us to achieve our vision and mission.

  • Multicultural and Caring Environment: We foster an inclusive school culture which promotes compassion, kindness, and celebrates diversity.

  • Student Success: We create a learning environment, through excellence in governance and teaching, which allows for collaboration, creativity, innovation, and the development 21st Century competencies.

  • Wellness and Balance: We promote and support a positive sense of self and belonging through a balance in life. 

  • Global Citizenship: We encourage a culture of trust, integrity, responsibility, and inclusivity.

  • Opportunity: Students are exposed to rich learning experiences that enable them to discover their passions and achieve their highest potential.

  • Diversity: Students’ differing needs, cultures, and abilities are respected and valued within learning environments.