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Principal's Messsage

I am pleased to tell you that there are 49 countries represented in the student population of Delia School of Canada and the total student population has surpassed the 13th hundred mark. The diversity of cultures is what makes Delia School of Canada a good place. It is the international student body at Delia School of Canada that provides an opportunity for learning, not only about traditional academics, but also about the values and traditions of cultures from all over the world.  Over the years our search for academic excellence has led to an expansion of programs and courses offered to our students.  With the patience and devotion of parents and teachers, DSC students have been given the opportunity to develop skills that form the basis of an excellent education and that will help them to survive in today’s society.


Delia School of Canada is dedicated to the pursuit of educational excellence in guiding students as they prepare to become citizens in a global community. To continue our learning success the entire school staff demonstrates an active commitment to the family and school partnership philosophy. It is our aim to equip our learners with the tools needed to succeed in a very complex and competitive world and, ultimately, to become the leaders of tomorrow.  Delia School of Canada is grateful for the trust that the DSC community has placed on us. We are honored to have such a dedicated team of educators who would always put our students first.


The arrival of a new school year is always exciting. We welcome the new school year 2017-2018 and look forward to new experiences and opportunities. At Delia School of Canada, we are always committed to “educating the leaders of tomorrow”. 


Dr. Patrick Lee

BA (ACS), MBA Ed. (International), DBA

Delia School of Canada