School History

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Delia Group of Schools

Delia Tetreault (1865-1941), a nun of the Holy Mother Immaculate Mission, was born in Quebec, Canada. In 1909, Delia and five other nuns were sent to Guangdong province of China and did missionary work in orphanages. Striving against adversities for more than a decade, she laid the foundation for the church to preach the gospel in the Far East.

In 1965, Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Edmonds, the American founders of the Delia Memorial School in Ashley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, adopted the name of Sister Delia Tetreault as the name of the School in order to commemorate her dedication to the missionary work in China. In 1977, Dr. Cheng Kar-shun became the supervisor for the Delia Group of Schools.

History of Delia School of Canada

Delia School of Canada is one of Hong Kong’s leading private international schools. The School has a technology emphasis. Technology is infused into all curriculum areas. Our commitment to technology integration is complemented by our educational philosophy aimed at making our students the leaders of tomorrow. Delia School of Canada enrolls students from 50 countries and maintains an annual enrollment of over 1000 students. The School provides quality early learning, elementary and secondary education to students from Pre–Grade 1 to Grade 12.

The School follows a curriculum accredited by the Ministry of Education of Ontario, Canada and the Education Bureau, Hong Kong. The Ontario Education Program is widely recognized throughout the English-speaking world as being of a high academic calibre. Delia School of Canada is one of 20 international schools in Asia, the Middle East and Europe that offers credits toward the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. This means that students can easily transfer to other international schools globally. Students who receive a high school diploma are qualified to apply for universities all around the world.

Delia School of Canada works with our community to provide leadership and opportunities for students to develop their intellectual, physical and social capabilities in a multi-cultural environment and knowledge-based society. Delia School of Canada is dedicated to the pursuit of educational excellence in guiding students as they prepare to become citizens in a global community.


Year Milestone
1965 To commemorate Sister Delia Tetreault, Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Edmonds founded Delia Memorial School on Ashley Road.
1970 Establishment of a branch School in Hillwood Road.
1971 Establishment of a girl’s School and a boys School including primary and kindergarten in Mei Foo Sun Chuen.
1975 Establishment of Delia Memorial School (Yuet Wah).
1977 The founders of the School, Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Edmonds, return to the U.S. and Dr. Cheng Kar-shun becomes School Supervisor.
1980 Establishment of Delia Memorial School (Yuet Wah).
1985 The Delia Group of School's establishes the Students' Welfare Association as a means of enhancing communication between the Schools and students.
1985 The Group assumes leadership over St. John's Co-Educational College in Taikoo Shing and Metteo Ricci College in Kwun Tong.
1986 The School develops a partnership with the Maritime Provinces to offer a Canadian curriculum at Delia School of Canada, Taikoo Shing.
1987 The School develops a partnership with the Ontario Ministry of Education to offer a fully accredited Ontario program at Delia School of Canada, Taikoo Shing.
1988 Establishment of a branch school in Tsuen Wan.
1990 Enter a transitional period for the government's Direct Subsidy Scheme.
1999 Approved by Education Department to join Direct Subsidy Scheme.
2001 Establishment of Spring View Kindergarten. The school begins providing pre-school education for students located on Eastern Hong Kong Island.
2001 Delia School of Canada establishes a wireless network at Delia School of Canada and introduces mobile laptop technology. Students can access the Internet, email and file servers at anytime in any place.
2003 Delia School of Canada is the first school in Hong Kong to introduce a Laptop Loan Program. Every student in grades 7-12 are loaned a laptop for the school year.
2005 The Delia Group of School Celebrates its 40th Anniversary.
2010 Delia Group of Schools Celebrates 45 Years of excellence.