Student Testimonials

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Patrick Ma (Class of 2020 – University of British Columbia, Canada)

“What made Delia School of Canada so different from the other International Schools in Hong Kong is the passionate teaching team. Every teacher is so passionate about what they teach and it motivated me a lot. No matter what course is it, even for the courses that I am not very interested in, the teachers made me want to learn more and my passion grew stronger in these subjects as well.”

Nadine Van Beelen (Class of 2020 – Utrecht University, Netherlands)

“What I liked the most in Delia School of Canada would be the atmosphere because everyone is very positive and always try to keep a positive outlook on life. My classmates came from many different places, this is something that I didn’t experience in my previous school, and this allowed me to see how other people handle different situations in life.”

Rahul Patcha (Class of 2020 – University of New Castle, United Kingdom)

“I think with all the teachers in Delia School of Canada, you can really have a personal connection with them, they are all very nice and in some ways, they are not just your teachers but also best friends … and our therapists too.”

Niharika Singh (Class of 2019 – University College London, United Kingdom)

"What stood out the most to me about Delia through the twelve years I’ve been here has been the environment. It was an environment of constant growth, progress, and flexibility. It wasn’t just the students that tried to be better with each passing grade, but it was also the teachers. The teachers do all they can to address the needs of each individual and accommodate the learning styles of every new class. Textbooks and databases can prescribe basics, but it is the teachers that ensured I could understand class content deep enough to critically answer the hard questions related to it.

There has always been a focus at Delia to build the skills necessary for students to succeed in the future, whether that future is in University or in the next grade. The University process was daunting, to say the least. Going through months and months of preparation, coupled with the ominous “where are you going to University” question was a lot to deal with. Fortunately, I had the support of the guidance counselors, who made sure every aspect of my application for both UCAS and the Common App were in order. I knew that if I was ever struggling with an essay prompt or was confused about a step in the application process, I could set up an appointment with them.

Above all, at Delia, it’s never about getting a certain score on an examination, it’s always about how much you’ve learned about the world from each course."


Risako is an Elementary Student at Delia School of Canada. 

"Delia is a wonderful place.  The teachers and the students are super nice and everything is awesome!  There are lots of after-school clubs. I sing in the Choir and love it! I am from Japan and I don’t want to go back to Japan.  There is fun stuff and others waiting for you!"





Malcolm is a Middle School student at Delia School of Canada. 

“This is the best school I have ever been to because all the teachers support me and help me to become more confident”.





Fahad is an Elementary Student at Delia School of Canada. 

"DSC is the best school in the world because it is fun! The teachers make you learn in fun ways and class is not boring. Teachers help me all the time”